Another Iligan’s Newest Attraction

Levan hilltop View and Resort
Restaurant at the top of the hill – Levan Hilltop View

In my previous article I wrote about Paseo de Santiago. Paseo de Santiago is Iligan’s latest attraction wherein the people is accommodated with the fresh air of the sea breeze and enjoy the beauty of the big signage of the name of the city itself – ILIGAN CITY.

We have another very attractive and awesome place which you can find in Iligan. Its name is LEVAN HILLTOP VIEW AND RESORT. The place is very nice and relaxing. You can view from the top of the hill the Iligan Bay including some houses and roads beside the sea. Its location is on top of the hill in Buruun, Iligan City. The place is also very accessible because public utility vehicles are available. This can also be great when you spend time in Tinago Falls or Mimbalut falls or maybe in Maze Park, you can drop by and see the view of Iligan Bay. It is also privately owned just like the Paseo de Santiago. It has an affordable restaurant for to order some food and drinks. The best time to visit the place is during the afternoon so that you can catch up the sunset by the bay.

Levan Hilltop View and Resort
Linamon and Buruun houses viewed from Levan Hilltop View and Resort.
Levan Hilltop View
The Iligan Bay and portion of Buruun viewed from the other side of Levan Hilltop View and Resort.

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