Subejano to serve prison with CGR

Lawyer Rejoice Subejano would probably serve sentence in Prison for 10 days because of misbehaving in court. Accordingly, Attorney Subejano alleges an act that Judge Arthur Abundiente did something that might make the judge bias in his decision which actually the judge did not do. This made the court offended as the lawyer did it in open court and even told the court that he could produce an evidence about the matter. The judge believed that the act of Subejano is contumacious against the presiding judge and the Judicial institution and should be held accountable for his act. Hence, the judge issued a direct contempt order to the lawyer. The penalty of 10 days imprisonment and a fine of Php2,000.00 is directed to the lawyer to serve and pay.

According to some source Atty. Rejoice Subejano was a partner of Judge Abundiente in a law firm when both of them were in private practice. The judge even treated Atty. Subejano as his son. People in the legal profession even considered the lawyer as the Judge prodigy.

On the other hand, Atty. Subejano is a lawyer of Cong. Varf Belmonte in the ambush case filed against Mayor Celso Regencia. Mayor Regencia is now detained in Iligan City Jail because his case is non-bailable. Atty. Subejano and Mayor Regencia might meet each other inside the jail. As of this report, warrant for Atty. Subejano has not been served yet.

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