Subejano Surrenders to Serve Contempt Penalty

Attorney Rejoice Subejano on his mugshot at the Police Station 4 in Tubod, Iligan City. Photo Credit: Divina Morgia Suson

After the bench warrant issued by Judge Arthur Abundiente dated March 14, 2016, Attorney Rejoice Subejano finally surrendered 7:00PM today, March 15, 2016 at the Police Station in Tubod, Iligan City. According to Subejano he was not able to surrender right after the warrant came to his knowledge because of being scared for it is his first time in prison. He surrendered at Tubod police station because it is near to his residence and could easily call somebody to attend to his needs. Further, he realized that he should serve the sentence imposed to him by the Judge because according to him “Mao kini akong nakuha sa pakigbisog sa kamatuoran” this is what I get to stand for what is right.

Subejano was sentence to 10 days imprisonment and a fine of Php2,000 because of the order of Judge Abundiente citing him for direct contempt of court. The Judge found Subejano a misdemeanor in court while he did a manifestation in open court so the judge held him in contempt. Below is an excerpt of Attorney Subejano’s interview (if embedded video does appear, just click the date to redirect you to the facebook account source.)


Atty. Rejoice Subejano surrendered at Station 4GO ATTY! We are with you all the way!ANG MY PRINSIPYO UG BAROGANAN!

Posted by Novelyn Barinan Yu Lacida on Tuesday, March 15, 2016


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