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You might have heard of the word “BLOG” oftentimes. Blog is shorten term for web blog wherein writers love to share their ideas and thoughts of something and publish it on the internet. Mostly, people engage in blogging are those young ages up to the middle ages. Seldom you can read blogs written by person beyond the age of sixty, however, if there is, they are highly professionals writing about the subject matter according to their field of expertise.

With the advent of the internet, people love to express their opinions and insights in the social media. Our city is not an exemption. People in Iligan also loves to express their opinions in the social media. In fact, there are a lot of groups in Facebook that relates to the people of Iligan expressing their thoughts about politics, business, or maybe religion. If a lot of people in Iligan engages in Facebook, there are also people who loves to write their opinions, insights, and experiences through blogging. If you are willing, try to click the websites below. They are all bloggers from Iligan City. Some  may no longer live in Iligan but still writing about Iligan City. This is in a random arrangement.

  1. Traveljams.com  a blog about travel that features about Iligan City’s Hotels, Restaurants and other tourist attractions and its neighboring places.
  2. Lovettejam.com gives you tips on how to improve your digital career. This blog is helpful if you are working as digital marketer or social media manager.
  3. Fleirecastro.com when you need a digital consultant, you may visit this site. The owner of this site also willing to give some free inputs about digital career. She may help you in your business to grow digitally.
  4. Xyzaspeaks.com the author loves to speak up of what is in her mind. You can find a lot of helpful articles from this blog, from lipsticks to make-up, from food to travel.
  5. Pinaytravelista.com let the title of the domain speaks for itself. This blog is all about travel, that includes hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots that the author experienced from Iligan to Mindanao to entire Philippines or abroad.
  6. Lilpink.info is a mixed up ideas of the author. You can find what you want to read, especially to ladies. Travel, food, road trip , girl tips and even tips on a perfect gift to a partner. Nice thing about this blog, is somewhat like a culture exchange.
  7. Chooseiligan.com promotes Iligan’s best. You can find blogs about Iligan’s tourist spots, foods, restaurants, and many more. By the way, the author also blogs about Mindanao’s attractions.
  8. Rncn-adventuresinlife.blogspot.com You will find this blog unique, as the author writes about her travel to places that rarely travelled with four-wheelled vehicle. You can see pictures of her travel riding a motorcycle in the far flunk areas of Iligan.
  9. Neorichcel.blogspot.com this blog contains much with emotions. You can feel the author’s feeling while you read the blog. It talks about love, tragedy, tribute, justice, and happiness. Read the blog by your own to confirm.
  10. Midlifedancing.com The author writes about life’s happiness. There are worth reading inside that might be helpful to us, in dealing with our happiness and enjoyment during our middle age life.
  11. Iliganonko.com Iligan is full of beautiful sights, tastes, and sounds. When you visit this site, you can see the digital Iligan City. Oops! Don’t over excite opening the site. You might lose your appetite in going to Iligan in person.
  12. Gwapito.com This is not a Spanish site. Nor even think that this is a site that features handsome young men. Click the site and you can feel the hit of politics. Don’t worry the author accepts site visitors without regard of political affiliations (Yellowtards or Dutertards).
  13. Sedwebdigital.com this site gives you insights of some digital and software reviews including new gadgets. The author also features some of his travel abroad including how to get visa from the embassy.
  14. Gabrielbillones.com is another blog that features about travel in the Philippines and Iligan City. Visiting the site will deliver you from Northern Philippines to Southern Philippines.
  15. Exploreiligan.blogspot.com You will find easy exploring Iligan City by visiting this blog. Click the link and you will explore Iligan in your laptop or mobile phone.
  16. Dasocialclimber.com You want to know about backpacking? Then this blog is for you. You can even rename the site by saying “Backpacking Made Easy”. The author features her travel here in the Philippines and Abroad. Hmmm! I found her travel to Maldives exciting.
  17. Salilimngmangga.tumblr.com I could not find any words to describe this site. However, I found the pictures very interesting. Aha! this site is a Photo blog.  You can easily get the story of the pictures posted.
  18. Bisdaktotheboondocks.wordpress.com This blog features a lot of ideas but as you click the site, it features more about native delicacies in the Philippines, especially, sweets. You will enjoy also reading a little beat of anything from politics to travel to activism.
  19. Audreyisms.com enjoy the blog by reading it because you will feel the author’s favorite. She talks about food, books, and music videos from youtube.
  20. Freyah.com A little beat of everything but travelling is the most featured topic in this blog. The blog is an expression of life of the author through pictures and some words.
  21. Traveltrilogy.com Culture, arts, language, travel, food, hotels, you name it, you will have it. This great blog features a lot of topics that make your day complete. Oops! Be sure to eat first before reading, you might forget your meal while reading this blog.

There are only 21 blogs that we have collected. If you are a blogger and wanted your blog to be shortly featured in this site, we will be happy to receive email from you. Contact us through webmaster[at]iliganhosting.com or webmaster[at]philcyber.com

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