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You might have heard of the word “BLOG” oftentimes. Blog is shorten term for web blog wherein writers love to share their ideas and thoughts of something and publish it on the internet. Mostly, people engage in blogging are those young ages up to the middle ages. Seldom you can read blogs written by person beyond the age of sixty, however, if there is, they are highly professionals writing about the subject matter according to their field of expertise.

With the advent of the internet, people love to express their opinions and insights in the social media. Our city is not an exemption. People in Iligan also loves to express their opinions in the social media. In fact, there are a lot of groups in Facebook that relates to the people of Iligan expressing their thoughts about politics, business, or maybe religion. If a lot of people in Iligan engages in Facebook, there are also people who loves to write their opinions, insights, and experiences through blogging. If you are willing, try to click the websites below. They are all bloggers from Iligan City. Some  may no longer live in Iligan but still writing about Iligan City. This is in a random arrangement.

  1. Traveljams.com  a blog about travel that features about Iligan City’s Hotels, Restaurants and other tourist attractions and its neighboring places.
  2. Lovettejam.com gives you tips on how to improve your digital career. This blog is helpful if you are working as digital marketer or social media manager.
  3. Fleirecastro.com when you need a digital consultant, you may visit this site. The owner of this site also willing to give some free inputs about digital career. She may help you in your business to grow digitally.
  4. Xyzaspeaks.com the author loves to speak up of what is in her mind. You can find a lot of helpful articles from this blog, from lipsticks to make-up, from food to travel.
  5. Pinaytravelista.com let the title of the domain speaks for itself. This blog is all about travel, that includes hotels, restaurants, and tourist spots that the author experienced from Iligan to Mindanao to entire Philippines or abroad.
  6. Lilpink.info is a mixed up ideas of the author. You can find what you want to read, especially to ladies. Travel, food, road trip , girl tips and even tips on a perfect gift to a partner. Nice thing about this blog, is somewhat like a culture exchange.
  7. Chooseiligan.com promotes Iligan’s best. You can find blogs about Iligan’s tourist spots, foods, restaurants, and many more. By the way, the author also blogs about Mindanao’s attractions.
  8. Rncn-adventuresinlife.blogspot.com You will find this blog unique, as the author writes about her travel to places that rarely travelled with four-wheelled vehicle. You can see pictures of her travel riding a motorcycle in the far flunk areas of Iligan.
  9. Neorichcel.blogspot.com this blog contains much with emotions. You can feel the author’s feeling while you read the blog. It talks about love, tragedy, tribute, justice, and happiness. Read the blog by your own to confirm.
  10. Midlifedancing.com The author writes about life’s happiness. There are worth reading inside that might be helpful to us, in dealing with our happiness and enjoyment during our middle age life.
  11. Iliganonko.com Iligan is full of beautiful sights, tastes, and sounds. When you visit this site, you can see the digital Iligan City. Oops! Don’t over excite opening the site. You might lose your appetite in going to Iligan in person.
  12. Gwapito.com This is not a Spanish site. Nor even think that this is a site that features handsome young men. Click the site and you can feel the hit of politics. Don’t worry the author accepts site visitors without regard of political affiliations (Yellowtards or Dutertards).
  13. Sedwebdigital.com this site gives you insights of some digital and software reviews including new gadgets. The author also features some of his travel abroad including how to get visa from the embassy.
  14. Gabrielbillones.com is another blog that features about travel in the Philippines and Iligan City. Visiting the site will deliver you from Northern Philippines to Southern Philippines.
  15. Exploreiligan.blogspot.com You will find easy exploring Iligan City by visiting this blog. Click the link and you will explore Iligan in your laptop or mobile phone.
  16. Dasocialclimber.com You want to know about backpacking? Then this blog is for you. You can even rename the site by saying “Backpacking Made Easy”. The author features her travel here in the Philippines and Abroad. Hmmm! I found her travel to Maldives exciting.
  17. Salilimngmangga.tumblr.com I could not find any words to describe this site. However, I found the pictures very interesting. Aha! this site is a Photo blog.  You can easily get the story of the pictures posted.
  18. Bisdaktotheboondocks.wordpress.com This blog features a lot of ideas but as you click the site, it features more about native delicacies in the Philippines, especially, sweets. You will enjoy also reading a little beat of anything from politics to travel to activism.
  19. Audreyisms.com enjoy the blog by reading it because you will feel the author’s favorite. She talks about food, books, and music videos from youtube.
  20. Freyah.com A little beat of everything but travelling is the most featured topic in this blog. The blog is an expression of life of the author through pictures and some words.
  21. Traveltrilogy.com Culture, arts, language, travel, food, hotels, you name it, you will have it. This great blog features a lot of topics that make your day complete. Oops! Be sure to eat first before reading, you might forget your meal while reading this blog.

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How to get a Postal ID and Its Benefits

Actual Postal ID Sample with the Post Master General of the Philippines as owner of the ID
Actual Postal ID Sample with the Post Master General of the Philippines as owner of the ID

Anyone can get a postal ID as long as you are a Filipino. Getting a postal ID has no age requirements, in fact, any Filipino even if living abroad can get a postal ID. Can a foreigner get a postal ID? Yes, as long as the foreigner is living the Philippines for at least six (6) months. Postal ID now has more security features compared to the old ones.

The requirements of getting a postal ID are the following:

  1. Filled-up two (2) copies of Postal ID application form which you can get from any post office in the Philippines
  2. One (1) copy of proof of identity: NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate, GSIS or SSS Card, Driver’s License, Passport, or NSO Authenticated Marriage Certificate for married applicant.
  3. If you failed to produce proof of identity you can present at least two of the following:
  • BIR ID,
  • Baptismal Certificate,
  • Certificate of Birth from National Commission for Indigenous People (NCIP) for Filipinos belonging to Indigenous Peoples,
  • Certificate of Birth from the National Commission for Muslim Filipinos (NCMP) for Muslim Filipinos,
  • College or Post Graduate Transcript of Records with readable dry seal, Confirmation Certificate,
  • Elementary or High school Form 137 with readable dry seal for applicants who are 18 years old and below,
  • Marriage Certificate in SECPA issued by NSO for those male and female married applicant,
  • Marriage Certificate issued by LCR for those male and female married applicant,
  • Valid Alumni ID,
  • Valid Basic Postal ID,
  • Valid College, School or University ID,
  • Valid Company ID,
  • Valid Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID,
  • Valid NBI Clearance with digitized photo,
  • Valid OWWA ID,
  • Valid Pag-ibig ID,
  • Valid Philhealth ID
  • Valid PRC ID
  • Valid Paper-based Postal ID
  • Valid Police Clearance with or without picture
  • Valid Seaman’s Book
  • Valid Senior Citizen ID
  • Valid Tax Identification Number Card
  • Valid Voter’s ID
  1. Bring also a proof of address of any of the following
  • Original and photocopy of Barangay Clearance
  • Certified True Copy of Lease
  • Certified True Copy of Titles
  • Certified True Copy of Real Estates
  • Tax Receipts
  • Bank Statement
  • Credit Card Statement
  • School Billing Statement
  • Utility Bill (cable, electric, internet, landline, telephone, water)

Bring the necessary documents mentioned above and go to the nearest post office. Fill up the application form and submit to the in-charge for photo capture and finger printing. You will then be instructed to pay the certain amount. In the year 2016 the amount collected as payment for this ID is Php504.00. This will be change because in the previous years the amount collected was lower. You will then wait for the delivery of the card. Days of delivery depends on your location, in Metro Manila, delivery of the card is 10 to 15 days while in the provincial areas delivery of the card is 15 to 20 days.

Benefits of having a postal ID are: you can use it as one valid ID which you can present to any transactions. Postal ID is also a government issued ID valid for three years. Besides, Postal ID now is being used as a privilege card because the Philippine Postal Authority enters into an agreement to some stores and gasoline stations to get freebies and discounts. Visit Postalidph.com for more information.

Duterte Gibulgar Public Officials nga Nalambigit sa Druga, Taga Iligan naapil

Photo Credit: Newsinfo.inquirer.net
Photo Credit: Newsinfo.inquirer.net

Gi-bulgar ni Presidente Rodrigo Duterte ang listahan sa mga Huwes, Mayor, ug mga membro sa PNP nga naglambigit sa sindikato sa druga atol sa iyang pagbisita sa haya sa mga sundalo nga napatay sa engkwentro sa mga NPA didto sa Compostela Valley. Gimandoan usab sa Presidente ang pag relieve sa mga PNP nga nag guardia sa maong mga opisyal ug mureport gilayon sa ilang mga tagsa-tagsa ka mother unit.

Duna’y nalambigit nga mga pulis nga mga taga Iligan ug usa ka ginganlan og Yusofa Monder Bugong Ramin.

Ang tibook nga listahan ni Presidente Duterte:

Judge Mupas of Dasmarinas Cavite

Judge Reyes (only known) – Baguio City

Judge Savilo – RTC branch 13 Iloilo City

Judge Casiple – Kalibo, Aklan

Judge Rene Gonzales – MTC

Judge Navidad – RTC Calbayog City

Judge Exequiel Dagala – MTC

Judge Dapa – Siargao

Mayor Reynaldo Flores – Naguilian, La Union

Mayor Dante Garcia – Tubao, La Union

Mayor Martin De Guzman – Bauang, La Union

Mayor Marjorie Apel Salazar – Lasam, Cagayan

Mayor Goto Violago – San Rafael, Bulacan

Mayor Marino Morales – Mabalacat, Pampanga

Mayor Felix Castillo – Langiden, Abra

Ex-Mayor Eufranio Eriguel – Agoo, La Union

Mayor Jesus Celeste “Alias Boying” – Bolinao, Pangasinan

Mayor Jose “Pepe” Miranda – Santiago City, Isabela

Mayor Vicente Amante – San Pablo City, Laguna

Mayor Ryan Dolor – Bauan, Batangas

Vice Mayor Edgardo Trinidad – El Nido, Palawan

Mayor Alex Centena – Calinog, Iloilo

Mayor Julius Ronald Pacificador – Hamtic, Antique

Mayor Jed Mabilog – Iloilo City

Mayor Sigfredo Betita – Carles, Iloilo

Mayor Mariano Malones – Maasin, Iloilo

Ex-Mayor Michael Rama – Cebu City

Mayor Hector Ong – Laoang, Northern Samar

Mayor Rolando Espinosa – Albuera, Samar

Mayor Beda Canamaque – Basay, Negros Oriental

Ex-Mayor Madeline Ong – Laoang, Northern Samar

Vice Mayor Francis Ansing Amboy – Maasin, Iloilo

Fralz Sabalones – San Fernando Cebu

Antonio Pesina – Iloilo City

Erwin “Tongtong” Plagata – Iloilo City

Ex-Congressman JC Rahman Nava – Guimaras

Party-list Rep. Jeffrey Celis

Ex-Mayor Abubakar Abdukarim Afdal – Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur

Mayor Gamar Ahay Janihim – Sirawai, Zamboanga del Norte

David Navarro – Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur

Bobby Alingan – Kolambugan, Lanao del Norte

Yusofa Monder Bugong Ramin – Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

Jessie Aguilera – Alegria, Surigao del Norte

Mayor Fahad Salic – Marawi City

Mayor Mohammad Ali Abenal – Marantao, Lanao del Sur

Jamal Dadayan – Buadiposo-Buntong, Lanao del Sur

Sabdullah Macabago – Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur

Muslim Aline Macadatu – Lumbatan, Lanao del Sur

Rasul Sangki – Ampatuan, Maguindanao

Montaser Sabal – Talitay, Maguindanao

Vicman Montawal – Datu Montawal, Maguindanao

Samsudin Dimaukom – Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao

Norodin Salasal – Datu Salibo, Maguindanao

Ex-Mayor Benahar Tulawie – Talipao, Sulu

Reynaldo Parojinog – Ozamiz City

Nova Princess Parojinog Echavez – Ozamiz City

Mayor Omar Solitario Ali – Marawi City

Vice Mayor Abdul Wahab Sabal – Talitay, Magundanao

Otto Montawal – Datu Montawal, Maguindanao

Nida Dimagkon – Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao

Arafat Salic – Marawi City

Rasmiyah Macabago – Saguiaran, Lanao del Sur

Congressman Guillermo Romarate, Jr. – 2nd District, Surigao del Norte

Former board member Ricardo Parojinog – Misamis

The following active and retired law enforcement officers were mentioned:

P/Insp. Rolando Batulayan (ret.)

P/Supt. Maristelo Manalo – PNP-CIDG

PCI Roberto Palisoc – Station 7 MPD

P/Supt. Ciceron Ada (ret.)

PCI Eric Buenaventura – Navotas

PO2 Geraldine Bautista Manuel – PNP PRO2

SPO3 Ronald Calap – Isabela PPO

POC Rodel Samoledo – Lalio Police Station

PO3 Cecilio Domingo – Nueva Ecija CIDT

PO2 Ryan Mendoza – Tarlac Police Station

Jeffrey Serafica – Butuan PPO

PO1 Norman Adarlo – Puerto Galera NPS


PO1 Mark Christian Catalina – PNP Camarines Norte

PO2 Alan Carpio PCP – 8 Pasay City

PO3 Eric Lazo – QCPD Station 6

PO3 Alexander Macabeo – PCP 3 Paranaque City

PO3 Johnny Mahilum – QCPD Station 6 Batasan

PO2 Celito Melendrez – Binangonan Police Station

Gen. Vicente Loot (ret.)

Gen. Valerio (ret.) – Santa Barbara, Iloilo

Gen. Bernardo Diaz – Region 6

Gen. Idio – RTC of Calbayog City

P/Supt. Floro (ret.) – Antique City PNP

P/Supt. Kashmir Disomangcop – COP of Iloilo Base Commander

P/Supt. Delia Paz – Chief RDIDM

P/Supt. Genepa – RIU Intelligence

P/Supt. Ipil Duenas

P/Supt. Condag

P/Supt. Eugenio Malic – PNP Maritime Group

Lamsis – former chief Antique anti-drug

P/Supt. Gomboc

P/Supt. Lebin

PCI Maymay

PSI Kenneth Militar – Iloilo

PSI Donasco

P/Insp. De Jose – SOG PNP Region 6

P/Insp. Duarte – former PCOP of Arevalo, Iloilo

P/Insp. Vicente Vicente – COP Banate

P/Insp. Romeo Santander – Former chief intel Cebu

PO2 Michael Cortez – Barile Police Station

SPO1 Jen dela Victoria – PS5 Cebu CPO

SPO1 Onel Nabua – Barile Police Station

PO2 Jomar Ibanez – Lapu-Lapu Police Station

PO3 Ryan Martus Kiamco – Cebu Provincial Office

PCI Ibrahim Jabiran – Zamboanga CPO

PCI Perfecto Abrasaldo Awi Jr. – Misamis Oriental

P/Insp. Roy Montes – Iligan PRO

P/Supt. Ricardo Gando Pulot – COP Quezon Bukidnon

P/Insp. Martin Plaza – former Panabo chief intel

PO1 Pierre Dizo – Zamboanga del Sur

PO3 Omar Juani – Zamboanga City Public Safety

Rommel Mansul – PRO9

PO3 Daryl Page – Tabasan Municipal Station

SPO1 Totong Joe Valdez – 9th RNG

SPO4 Rodrigo Ramos – Bukidnon PRO

SPO1 Reynaldo dela Victoria – CDO

SPO3 Emilio Mendoza – Lozaria PP5 Iligan City

Marlo Espinosa – Bukidnon

SPO3 Richie Mat – CIDG Mati Davao Oriental

SPO3 Rosell Iliviera – CIDG Tagum Davao del Norte

PO3 Jessie Balabag – Region 11

PO3 Filomeno Toronia – Digos Police Station

PO1 Glenn Alicarte – PRO 12

PO1 Philip Pantarolia – Tacurong City Police Office

SPO1 Gerry dela Rosa – SCPPO

PO3 Bebot Ruiz – GSCPO

PO3 Estelito Solanio – Malongon MPS Sarangani

PO1 Jerebel Ocsio – PRO RMN

SPO1 Ernesto Billones – NCR

JS1 Lito Montemayor – Roxas District Jail Aparri

PO1 Vicente Reynaldo Celis – NCR

PG Drexel Saet – MIMAROPA

SPO1 Felix Tubil – Region 3

SPO3 Nicolas Ponce Angeles – Region 3

SPO2 Rod Erseni – Marinduque BFP

FO1 Reynaldo Valencia – Claveria Police Station

SSgt. Vic dela Cruz – MIMAROPA

B/Gen. Leoncio Daniega – NCR

SPO3 Gerry Mendoza – NCR

Reymante Dayto – Region 5

Reymar Dayto – Region 5

Renato Zamora – Region 6

J1 Alan Manatad – Region 7

SPO3 Christie Cielo Tingad – Region 7

RSAD Casimiro Castro – CAFGU 38IB 6ID ARMM

RSAD Pfc. Philip Miro – 40IB 6ID ARMM

Cpl. Cusinan Lopez – 52IB ARMM

Pfc. Mamadali Ipad – 64IB 6ID

Yasin Abolgalib

JO1 Alfredo Ogacho

FO1 Nicolas Ponce Ablaca

FO1 Ricardo Ibanez

Marine Cpl. Alfrenz Gurias Abedin

Jimmy Manlangit – Region 12


Source: GMA News